Monkey Guard

The best way to keep the air in and the Monkeys OUT!

Monkey Guard – with an increase in the number of primates and no population controls in place to curb the number of monkeys in our estates and homes along the east coast of KZN. We have developed a sustainable solution to keep the vermin out and still allow fresh air to flow into the home. The benefits of having Monkey Guard installed are peace of mind with regards to the safety of babies & children in the house, no home invasions, groceries and fruit can be left out without a worry.

The Monkey Guard is made up of 25mm wide strips of 5mm thick uv protected clear polycarbonate cut to the width of the window opening. The strips are installed with a 50mm space between them and fixed to the frame with a countersunk rivit or screw depending on the window material. Monkey Guard has been approved by all major estates in the Durban and Ballito areas.

Estates where Monkey Guards have been fitted

Princes Grant
Brettenwood Coastal Estate
Dunkirk Estate
Zimbali Coastal Estate
Simbithi Estate